Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pageant Update

I'm so anxious to get my head shots back from Kristina Thomas Photography but I know I have to wait a couple more weeks. Don't you hate that feeling of anticipation and knowing you just have to be patient?

Patience is a virtue... Patience is a virtue...

Anyway, pageant season is in full swing. Miss Benton County is on Tuesday and I'm so excited to be home and able to be apart of it this year. Miss Benton County is where my pageant life began. Way back when, a timid 17 year old was talked into entering and it changed my life forever. October will be a busy month with pageants and I'm looking forward to it more and more with each new day.

Saturday I am heading to Harrison to resume my hunt for the perfect gown. My dad is going with me this time (he chose my very first pageant gown and I won!) so I his opinion is a huge factor in making the final decision. Hurry, hurry Saturday!

A lot has gone on this week and it has thrown my life into temporary turmoil but if you've been around here before you know I will bounce back in no time. You can only control what's going on inside, and even though it's hard to deal with, the outside interactions with others should not dictate your well being, your personal quests, and it should not make you feel inferior in anyway if things don't go as planned. I've actually learned a lot in these last 4 days and this lesson I'm in the process of learning will be a huge one for my future. It's time to really focus on me, my career, my wants and needs as an individual and no one will get in the way of my success..

First starting with capturing the title of Miss Arkansas USA 2016 ;)

Time heals all wounds.. the amount of time differs, but the outcome can be so good that it'll just be one of those chapters of your life that makes you that much better of a person.

Don't forget you can help me on my journey to the pageant this fall by donating and becoming a sponsor. Businesses can use this as a tax write off. You will be listed in the official pageant program book as well as get plenty of social media love from yours truly. Visit my GoFundMe page to donate, anything helps and is very much appreciated!

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Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

Hope you find the perfect gown! Sorry about the turmoil in your life right now, but it sounds like you've got the right attitude - focusing on what you need right now.

The Flynnigans said...

Good luck and have fun gown shopping