Monday, June 1, 2015


Today is definitely Monday. Blah.

It's so beautiful outside, I just got home from work and breakfast made (yea, it's only 10:30!) and now I'm sitting alone with two cats and a cat-dog, since Daniel decided to ditch me for Miami, AGAIN! Ok, ok, I'm just being dramatic, he's there on business (booooo) but on the bright side, I get to fly down there on Friday and spend the weekend with him in an amazing condo. I've never been to Miami so I'm pretty excited, yet clueless on what to bring to wear and what to expect. I'll definitely be talking about that next week!

Back on track... MOTIVATION MONDAY!

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When I first started my fitness journey several years ago, I purchased a few videos and also looked to YouTube to find good workouts that I could perform in the comfort of my own home. I absolutely love that style of exercise and will always be a huge advocate for it. Today I'm bringing you some of the best free workout videos on YouTube. Who doesn't love FREE?!

The best part about workout videos, especially on YouTube, is you can essentially perform them where ever you please. Whether it be your own living room, a hotel room, or even the park. Usually all you need is a set of free hand weights, a mat if you are working out on a hard surface (or grass/sand), and some water to keep you hydrated. Sometimes work outs call for a medicine ball or kettlebells but you can improvise when it comes to those things. I personally like to incorporate ankle weights as well, but that is completely optional. Today I will focus on strength and conditioning. There are several different types of free workouts online, so we will get to other variations in the weeks to come!

Strength and Conditioning

1. Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism Complete Workout

If you've been around here before, you know how much of a fan I am of Jillian Michaels. Her DVDs were the first at home workouts I decided to try and I instantly fell in love. This is a total-body workout that includes seven cardio strength-training circuits designed to strengthen and tone every single muscle. From personal experience with Jillian Michaels, be ready to sweat.

2. 7-Minute Workout: Full-Body, Fat-Burning Cardio

I constantly hear, "I just wish I had time". You can't tell me you don't have 7 minutes out of your day to fit in a quick work out. With exercises like one-legged squats and moving planks (and only 10 seconds of rest between each), you won’t be missing out on any muscle-building benefits.

3. Lift and Tone Booty Routine With Katrina

Once again, if you have been around these parts at all, you know I am also a HUGE fan of Karena and Katrina of Tone It Up. Their videos are always beach located and super fun, while packing in an intense work out. Moves like kick backs and reverse lunges build a stronger, more toned and lifted booty.

4. Total-Body Sculpting Resistance Band Workout

Resistance bands are ahhhh-mazing. This 35 or so minute workout is perfect for traveling. Stick that band in your suitcase and use it in your hotel room for a full body sculpt while away on business or pleasure. 

5. Hitty Bitty Bikini HIIT Workout

Another Tone It Up workout. This is one of my favorites. It's under 20 minutes and is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) routine, which I love because it's the fastest way to slim down and get your body working on a speed it should it. It rotates through strength training and cardio for a full blasted, full body, tough workout.

These are just 5 of the wide spectrum of free workout videos available on YouTube. By clicking the link, it will take you to my YouTube page which has all of these videos plus so much more on a playlist for your convenience (so you don't have to search them yourself!). How is your Monday starting out?

Ambassador Alert!

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I'm meeting, today, with an owner of a fitness studio right here in Northwest Arkansas about a potential training position. She trains all the local pageant girls, which is where I want to be! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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