Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Fitness

I'm learning so much in my ISSA training for becoming certified. Work out tips, proper posture, nutrition facts, and so much more. I really think this was the best route I could've taken on becoming a certified personal trainer. I'm so close!

We're approaching summer (finally!) which means swimsuit season. Most people try to slim down this time of year to get ready for a summer full of way less clothing. A lot of the time, the main focus is the midsection. I know for me, it's where I hold most of my weight and also the area to grow first, and shrink last. I hope I'm not the only one..

Out of the million different types and brands of supplements people immediately go to, fat burner is the one most sought after. Truth? There has been very little (if any) scientific proof pointing to the efficacy of “fat burning” pills. One thing in common with most if not all of these tiny little pills is a natural ingredient - caffeine.

Now, the benefits of caffeine has been proven on multiple levels but in regards to weight loss it helps to:
  • boost mental alertness
  • decrease fatigue 
  • increases metabolic rate
So awesome right? Right. When taken in proper amounts. Most supplement companies load their fat burners with borderline dangerous levels of caffeine but disguise it under numerous, creative ingredient names. 
  • green coffee extract
  • green tea extract
  • yerba mate extract
  • caffeine anhydrous
  • methyltheobromine
In conclusion, all are absolutely effective in moderate doses, but dangerous and counter-productive if over-supplemented, like in most fat burners

Enter... Green Tea.

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"Green tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, and naturally contains a bit less than half of the amount of caffeine as coffee"

Only HALF the amount of coffee?! There's no way it actually works. Wrong.

A blind test with decaffeinated green tea showed changes over a 4 week period in fat oxidation, body fat composition and aerobic performance.
  • Fat oxidation increased 24.9%
  • Body fat composition increased 1.63%
  • Aerobic performance increased 10.9%
What this study shows, is green tea maintained its benefits of weight loss and athletic performance without caffeine. 

All in all, it's tempting to grab a fat burner supplement to aid in slimming your waistline. Here's a simple reminder of a safer and cheaper route to achieving the same effects. 

*Product Review Alert! Stay tuned for a product review on compression socks. :)

Happy Friday

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