Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Free Concert... Well, Sorta

I just want to go ahead and tell y'all how excited I am for tonight.

If you've been around here before (and even if you haven't, here it is), you've seen me post my Bucket List. It's no secret how much I absolutely love Dave Matthews Band and would do [just about] anything to get to see him live in concert, especially if it's with Tim Reynolds.

Tonight, in my little ole hometown, he is playing. My heart dropped when I heard the news several months ago and then missed buying tickets. I looked high and low for so long trying to get a pass to this concert. I became obsessive.

I was unsuccessful in scoring tickets to the concert. I did however, score a position working the concert, in a venue that faces the stage. Another perk, working this event will put money towards my baby sister's high school band dues. It's totally a win, win! To say the least, I'm HELLA stoked.

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Who is the number one person/band you want to see live in concert?

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