Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The End of an Era

I found a designer!! I'm super stoked to be debuting my brand new blog very soon, but I am posting now to prepare everyone for that moment.

It is time to close the One Haole Girl chapter of my life. Hawaii was amazing, I will never forget the incredible memories I made while calling the beautiful island my home. It was such a learning experience for me and I will be forever grateful I was able to take that journey in my life. The time has come now to start a new chapter in the book of Tarole, and I couldn't be more excited to share and bring you along with me.

I will be shutting everything down in regards to One Haole Girl. If you've been around here for a while, you already know I have changed all my social media to a new name as well. It's time to start branding myself as a fitness professional and lead the life I imagine for myself. I am a month or so away from completing my personal training certification and will be jumping full throttle into the fitness world. I hope you join me in this new journey!

I've already changed the domain for the website (please update your links accordingly!) and am in the midst of getting my shiny, brand new design set in stone. I am so excited to finally be working my way back into heavy blogging, in a new area, with a new life.

Thanks again to everyone who has shown me constant support and love. You are a main reason I keep going and I am forever thankful for you.

Don't forget to update all contacts and links!

Snapchat - @onehaolegirl [unfortunately I can't change this :( ]

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Melissa said...

Cannot wait to see your new design and to follow your new journey!!