Monday, February 2, 2015


It's another Monday and the first one of February! How's your 2015 shaping up so far? I'm inching closer and closer to reaching my goal of becoming a personal trainer and I'm so anxious to get it all finished so I can finally be working in the field that I want to.

I'm joining Kylan Fischer, a So-Cal yoga instructor for the #howdoyoushine February yoga challenge on Instagram.

I have yet to even step foot in a yoga studio since moving to California and I'm itching to get my sweat on again. Will you join me?

Since I basically cook for myself on a daily basis, I'm trying to venture out into different, healthy recipes big enough for one person. I'm not a huge fan of leftovers and often forget I have them until they've already gone bad. Smaller portions will also help me get full use out of the groceries I buy (as well as not make my broke ass have to buy as much). This pin has a lot of easy, healthy recipes designed for one!

I came thissss close to buying a new pair of running shoes last week and am so glad I talked to the sales associate in the Sports Authority I was in at the time. She gave me great insight on the Nike shoes for long distance running. I almost wasted a good amount of money for absolutely nothing. Instead, she helped me choose new inserts for the Brooks shoes I have already to give me several more miles in them.

I am going to go on a run today so I will let you know how they feel and how they affect my ankle. I'm currently looking for a short race to prepare for. It always helps when I have a goal in sight to keep me accountable for my daily workouts.

Now that the holidays and Super Bowl are over it's time to focus on Spring and getting rid of all the junk you consumed these last few months, don't you think?

I'll leave you with this fun song I have stuck in my head for some reason, but it's a great song to run or work out to!

How is your week starting out?
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