Thursday, January 1, 2015

The way I want 2015 to go

Alright, we all know how this usually goes. We make resolutions with the honest intentions of following through and then.. BAM life happens. What do I say? Not this year, life. A new year is always a great time to start a-new and make goals for the next 365 days to come. It's unfortunate that more times than none these resolutions get pushed aside and are usually never looked at again.

I fully believe the resolutions I made this year are completely attainable. No excuses this time.

1. Finish my ISSA certification.
This should be an easy one. I've been saying for so long how I want to be a personal trainer and sports nutritionist for women. I have all the materials I need now, it's time to make it happen. This also leads me to my next one...

2. Get back to my healthy lifestyle.
I know, I know.. Most peoples' resolutions include some sort of diet and workout plan. Notice I didn't use the word 'diet' in mine, but instead, 'lifestyle'. With moving to a new area, trying to meet new people, and getting used to a new lifestyle, I have ventured away from the once healthy and happy lifestyle I lived. Now that I will have a place all to my own (minus Neville and Luna :P) I will have nothing standing in my way.

3. Drink more water.
This may sound silly, but I actually have to make a conscience effort to drink water throughout the day. I'm always drawn to coffee or tea (it could be a lot worse!) and know that water has so many benefits when the proper amount is consumed.

4. Money management.
Now that I have seen the "slow season" of the industry/area I work in, I know that saving money when I make is an absolute must. This area is super expensive and I can only survive by managing my finances properly.

5. Communicate with friends/family more often.
We all have our busy lives to live and not being in the same time zone surely makes things difficult, but hearing from the people I love most is what helps to keep me grounded. Whether it be Skype, phone, or a simple text, it just needs to happen more often.

6. Face-lift for the blog.
I've reiterated on this so much, it doesn't even need an explanation.

7. Get a car and venture.
I moved back to the mainland to do just that, venture. I longed for the freedom to be able to go when and where I wanted to. Come onnnnn tax return!

8. Cross more items off my bucket list.
I've managed to cross off a handful of items already, but I'm itching to follow through on several more items from my bucket list.

9. Not take things so personal.
I need to stop sweating the small stuff. Enough. Said.

10. Love the life I've been given.
We only get one life, so why not love the one we've been given. 2015 will be my growing year. My growing year for myself. It will be the year where I will find the power to change what I can, but also find the strength to accept what I cannot. It will be the year that only my thoughts, actions, and beliefs will define who I am.

I got a kick out of this article I came across on Facebook. I totally agree with all 49. :)

What are some of your resolutions?
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