Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I know, I know.. How can I take a hiatus when I'm not even that active still in the blogging world.

Things just haven't gone the way I planned them so I'm having to improvise for now. I titled this 'Hiatus' because I'm not coming back to blogging until I can really focus and put forth as much effort as I once did. By then, I plan to have a brand new look, name, and feel to my little home on the web.

I finally am enrolled for my personal training certification. I'm going to try and get it done as soon as possible so I can finally start on the career path I have been dreaming about. My blog will more than likely turn mostly into fitness (but don't worry, I'll still put in some fun stuff too). Hoping I can somehow manage to get my hands on a computer, for myself, sometime in the near future, that'll make this job a hell of a lot easier.

Taken from my Instagram

For now, I will continue to read up on my faves, but unfortunately I won't be posting for at least another month or so. If anyone wants to help a sister out on a blog design, that would be awesome! If not, I'm sure I can figure something out :)

One more thing, I am officially retiring the name OneHaoleGirl. I am no longer a haole living in beautiful Hawaii, so it only makes sense. I will now switch all my social networks to taroleannnnn.

Happy Holidays blogland, I sure have missed you. I'll be back soon, promise!

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Ashley @ said...

Welcome-almost-back :-) I wish I could help on bloggy design! I just shelled out some money to have someone help me because I'm lackluster in that department. Boo...

Blush and Barbells said...

Happy holidays and good luck with your PT certificate!