Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Facts About Me

Ok, I know it's the second to last day of October, but I'm joining in on the fun with Taylor and Helene for today's #Blogtober14 post. I've always loved "about me" posts. I know it seems like an easy out when it comes to writing, but it's fun to learn more about the authors of the blogs I follow. So naturally, I'm participating!

The Daily Tay Blogtober14

If you've been around a while, or are brand new, here are some facts about the real Tarole Ann...

-I have a huge passion for yoga. I believe it is a beautiful way to center, understand, and truly respect yourself and how your soul connects to your mind and body. It's also an incredible workout.

-I spent the last 4 years living in beautiful Hawaii (hence the name One Haole Girl). I followed a boy there, learned a ton about myself and life, and am now on a new journey in California.

-Hiking is one of my favorite activities and I'm always down to go, no matter who, what, where, or why.

-I am an aspiring personal trainer and sports nutritionist for women. I have yet to pursue the certification process due to budgeting but will get there eventually. In the meantime, I work in the restaurant industry as a server/bartender. It's hard to walk away from that kind of immediate cash.

-I've never been out of the country and have a blank passport. The number one item on my traveling bucket list is to spend at least 30 days trekking the Himalayas in Nepal.

-I have the most cuddly fur-child, Luna Lovegood, who I adopted from a nearby animal shelter soon after moving to CA. I don't know what I would do without her.

-Speaking of Luna Lovegood, I am completely obsessed with anything Harry Potter. It is on my bucket list to visit the Harry Potter world not only in Orlando, FL but in England as well.

-My dream job is to be a sports broadcaster, and I'm not talking about the pretty face down on the field.

Coming up with facts about yourself is pretty hard so I'm going to move into some of my favorite things (copied you Allie)

Favorite food - Fried okra, but only my Grandma or Dad's.

Favorite movie- Any of the Harry Potter films (but mostly 4, 6, or both 7s)

Favorite color- Purples, blues, greens

Favorite music- Any kind, depends what mood I'm in. My go to is Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Live at Radio City in 2007.

Favorite football team(s)- College: Arkansas Razorbacks, NFL: Kansas City Chiefs

Favorite Starbucks drink- Iced Venti Triple Shot Soy Chai

Favorite season- All of them in moderation

Favorite accessory- Earrings

Favorite Social Media app- Instagram

Favorite time of day- Dusk

And I'm all out of creativity for now. Thanks Taylor and Helene for the link up!

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