Sunday, August 18, 2013

Friend In Town

I know I've literally been gone all week, but boy I'll tell ya what, I have been super busy and loving every minute of it!

I have a friend visiting right now and have been on the go pretty much the entire time she's been here (which hasn't even been a week yet). I've only worked one day while she's been here so I feel like I'm on vacation.

Kelly arrived at 5am on Tuesday morning. We pretty much just beached it all day before heading to my place of work for Taco Tuesday.

Taken from my Instagram

Wednesday we decided to go on a short hike, Mariner's Ridge (which I will be documenting sometime next week for my Hawaii Hikes). It was Kelly's first nature hike here on the islands and my first time hiking the trail. It was beautiful.

And afterwards we went to a rock ledge beach called China Walls (I think I've talked about it before but maybe not.)

Taken from my Instagram

After jumping off the ledge and swimming some, we hit up The Shack in Hawaii Kai for $2 fish tacos and $3 draft beers. It's right on the water at the Koko Marina and had a beautiful view. Perfection.

Taken from my Instagram

Thursday was definitely a rough one. Kelly and I decided to bike it to Hot Yoga Sculpt and it was definitely a work out. About 5 miles one way and uphill. It was so hard we were dripping sweat already by the time we got to CorePower. Afterwards we biked back, had some acai bowls and beached it before I had to go to work that evening.

Friday was another beach day and we did a little shopping before going on for the night (which ended up being a bad idea). I came across a beautiful Zodiac tee which I fell in love with instantly and decided to wear it out to the bars that night.

Taken from my Instagram

Why going out on Friday night was a bad idea? Because Saturday morning we decided to go on the boat my roommate works on to do a snorkel tour. I've never done one before so was super excited, except for the deathly hangover I was dealing with. Not fun. At all. But the snorkel tour was still absolutely beautiful. We went out on the west side of the island, which I don't venture out to very often.

Nick, Mike, Kelly, and me heading out for the snorkel.

The water was so beautiful and clear. We could see all the way to the bottom about 45 ft down. It was amazing.

I really wish I would've remembered our waterproof camera. There were tons of fish and sea life just swimming next to us. It was amazing and definitely an incredible experience!

Tomorrow, early morning we are setting out to do Stairway to Heaven. That was the one thing Kelly had requested when making the trip here. I can't wait to take her on it. She doesn't leave until Thursday so there will be more to document come next week. I'm having such a fun time with her being here!

To everyone trying to get a hold of me via email about anything, I'm sorry I'm taking this time off a little bit right now but I will be back in no time. Thanks for being patient!

By the way, have you seen Jessa's college football series? I'm making up the game day outfits for it, you should definitely check it out!

If Kelly and I were to vlog, what should we talk about?

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