Friday, July 19, 2013

Miss Arkansas Week: Appearances and Rehearsals

I already talked about Arrival, the official start to Miss Arkansas week.

During the week long competition, contestants are basically on lock down. They put us up in rooms on the 13th and 14th floor in the Austin Hotel, and only contestants and chaperons have the elevator code to get up there. We are not allowed to see family or friends and are only allowed to visit the 2nd floor (for food, hair/make up, or talent rehearsal) and the 4th floor (for body wraps and spray tans). Needless to say, we got to know each other pretty well.

On our down time, my roommate Haley and I would watch the news, quiz each other on interview, work out, practice talent, or just play around with the other girls.

Haley working out in the hotel. Yes, I brought my leg machine.

One of our neighbors, Catherine Raines - Miss Ouachita River and Haley messing around outside of the talent rehearsal room.

Every morning we had a 7:30am roll call and if we weren't ready to go when our chaperons were, we were in trouble! We had several production numbers and walking patterns to learn so rehearsals were not taken lightly. 

Sarah Barnett - Miss University of Central Arkansas, Me - Miss Northwest Arkansas, Catherine Raines - Miss Ouachita River, and Haley Patterson - Miss Petit Jean Valley. Early morning roll call before heading out to an appearance.

The entire week the committee ran us around the town of Hot Springs. Not only were we in rehearsal every morning, we went straight to appearances after. We didn't get a whole lot of downtime that entire week.

Samantha, my Diamond State Princess at Magic Springs during one of our appearances.

Miss Arkansas contestants at Magic Springs Water Park.

We had several autograph signing parties, where the public could stand in line and get each of our autographs on our headshot photos. 

Samantha and I at the Hot Springs Mall autograph signing.

Ashleigh Green - Miss Ouachita Baptist University and me at the autograph signing party.

We even had a luncheon one day to honor the outgoing Miss Arkansas and the sponsors for the pageant. 

Samantha and I at the Miss Arkansas Luncheon

The week is completely exhausting, but tons of fun. It was very structured and put together. They really treated the contestants like royalty. We were given tons of goodie bags and shirts. Lots of fun things from our sponsors. It was such an amazing week.

Stay tuned for more on Miss Arkansas Week!

What is one memory you will never forget?

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