Monday, July 1, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader {giveaway}

Happy July!!

As inconvenient as it is, Google Reader is deciding to hit the road. What are you doing to keep up with your favorite blogs?

Most of you probably know by now about Bloglovin'. In my opinion, it's much better than Google Reader anyway. It would be nice to just have everything in one place, but Bloglovin' is super easy to navigate around in finding your favorite blogs to keep up with.

Are you on Bloglovin'?

I am! You can simply follow me by clicking the button below :)

Follow on Bloglovin

There is even an option to import your Google Reader list to Bloglovin'! Talk about having our backs.

It's simple..

When you are in your profile, click the drop box so it shows your options. Click on the option that says "Import from Google Reader".

It then brings you to this screen above, make sure you click the blue "Google Reader" button. And voila! Your Google Reader blogroll will now be available in Bloglovin'.

Another way to stay up to date on the go, is downloading the free app for iPhone or iPad (download here). I really like having the app on my iPad, it makes it that much better and faster to read the posts I'm interested in.

Perks of using Bloglovin'
  • There's an app for it
  • You can organize your blogs by categories (or groups)
  • You can "like" posts
  • There is a "next" button while you're reading to easily move from one post/blog to another
Have I convinced you yet? Bloglovin' is definitely the future of blog reading. Organized, convenient, and simply. Just how I like it.

Just in case you do not have Bloglovin' (which I highly recommend getting), here are some other ways to stay up to date on all things One Haole Girl :)
One more thing...

A bloggy friend of mine, Christine is hosting a birthday giveaway and I have a little something up for grabs! Make sure you check it out and enter :) Good luck!

Do you enjoy Bloglovin'?

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JessyPooh87 said...

I like the gift card.

Lauren ONeill said...

I'm excited for the Target card and ad space!

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