Friday, July 12, 2013

Firmoo Online Optical Product Review

How's your vision?

I'm legally blind, so being able to see is a huge deal to me. I've constantly been back and forth with contacts and glasses. Having the gift of sight is one of the best things about being human, in my opinion. When I heard of this amazing online optical store, I had to jump in and give it a try.


Firmoo is an online optical store, made super easy for you to order a hot and stylish pair of glasses or shades right from the comfort of your own home. I don't know about you, but going to the eye doctor just to order a pair of glasses is not my favorite thing to do. That's where Firmoo comes in.

There are tons of frames to choose from ranging from men to women, designer or not, and even have sunglasses. There is something for everyone and it is super easy to find your way around the site.

The process is simple, I'll break it down for you...

One thing I absolutely love about this online optical store is the virtual try on tool. It really helps too see exactly what the glasses will look like on your face. It's very helpful in the choosing process.

Fill out your prescription to get the right lenses.

It gives you the option to choose the thickness of the lens.

It also allows you to customize the lenses. The possibilities vary and are great for those of us who are very picky about our glasses.

Firmoo not only offers a vast variety of frames, it also gives you the first pair free!

What better way to be introduced to this awesome store than having a FREE pair of glasses? Also, if you are a blogger, they offer an awesome affiliate program.

The affiliate program offers great perks, why not add a little excitement to your life?

Firmoo allowed me to review not only a pair of eyeglasses, but also a pair of sunglasses. I was super excited when I was contacted, being legally blind and working on a computer daily, I need something that will allow my eyes to rest from contacts but still allow me to see correctly. And Firmoo did just that.

I went with a pair that you wouldn't ordinarily see on everyone who wears glasses. I like to stand apart from others, can you tell? :)

I wear them while working on the computer a lot. It allows me to see clearly what I am doing without straining my eyes in contacts. They're great!

It's nice to wake up every morning without my contacts in knowing I have a pair of glasses right next to my bed that allow me to see perfectly.

I'm obsessing over the pair of sunglasses I picked out. Total retro and super cute. Light lenses that still allow shade and protection for my eyes while enduring the hot, Hawaiian sun. Love them!

Like I said, retro :)

Reasons to love Firmoo
  • First pair free!
  • Virtual try on tool
  • Customize lenses
  • Designer frames
  • Each pair comes with a case, cleaning towel, and tightening tool

 Do you need a new pair of glasses? Sunglasses? I definitely think you should check out Firmoo. You won't be sorry!

**Disclaimer: I received NO compensation for reviewing these products. I received these products complimentary from Firmoo for testing purposes. All opinions of this review are my own personal and honest based on my experience with these products.**

Happy Friday!

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Aukele @ 91dash said...

Those sunglasses are adorable! Can we put in 0 prescriptions (pure vanity) for the very fortunate 20/20 vision people?!

Z said...

:) what an incredible post! Lots of work.
I love Hawaii--went there in 99 for y honeymoon.xo