Thursday, June 27, 2013

No-Reply Bloggers {giveaway}

One thing I love about blogging is feedback and engagement. 

I love receiving comments, good or bad, and engaging in conversation about the posts I write. I always, ALWAYS reply back to every comment on every post I receive and it becomes a convo via email. Do you not get replies from me when you comment on my blog?

Let me tell you why..

This is why. You are a No-Reply Blogger

This post is inspired by one of my good bloggy friends Paige. She broke it down for us a while back (here is her original post) and since I still have an issue with no-reply bloggers, I'm going to reiterate and break it down again.

It's simple, you don't have your email showing on your blogger profile. The good news? It's very easy to fix, I'll show you how!

Step One..

First things first, you need to go to your blogger profile and select to edit it.

Step Two..

Make sure the box labeled "Show my email address" is checked. This will link your email address to your blogger profile, so automatically when commenting on blogs, the author has an address to reply to. The reply will go straight to your email inbox.

Easy right? But wait, there's more.

For those comments that really engage in what I'm writing about spark my interest on checking out your blog. I then go straight to your profile so I can reach your blog, but sometimes there is no blog listed, which is extra frustrating since I am already interested in finding it. Here's why..

Step Three..

While in your profile settings, click the link that says, "Select blogs to display". 

Step Four...

Check the box of the (or all) blog you want displayed so others can find it easily when on your blogger profile.

And voila! You are no longer a No-Reply Blogger and I can finally engage in conversations with you when you comment on my blog. I hope this clears up any confusion or hurt feelings regarding no replies back after you comment. I promise I don't ignore you, I just literally can't reach out to you! Keep the comments coming, I love receiving them and getting your feedback!

Wait, there's more..

My lovely friend Paige I told you about at the top of this post is celebrating her blog birthday! What better way to celebrate than hosting an awesome giveaway! What kind of giveaway? A BEAUTY bag giveaway, seriously this is such a great idea and I really think you should enter! 

Take it away Paige..


Happy Belated Birthday! Happy Belated Birthday! Happy Belated Birthday Dear A Dose of Paige! Happy Belated Birthday to you!

That's right! Last month, on May 27th, this little blog turned one year old! Now, let's just all take a second to marvel at the fact that I stuck to a hobby for a full year.
Okay, now let's get to the good stuff.

Today, I'm bringing you a beauty bag giveaway!!!
Me and 10 other ladies put together a great beauty bag filled with a few of our favorite products and as a bonus, a Sephora giftcard! 

Here are the ladies contributing:

In the interest of giving you the best beauty bag and giftcard combo possible, I've selected just a few things for your beauty bag. 

You will receive:
  • 2 Jordana Eyeliners in Brown and Black
  • Physician's Formula Bronzer
  • Lip Tar (in a coral color of course!)
  • Maybelline Falsies in the Waterproof Formula
  • Neutrogena Lip Balm
  • $75 Sephora Giftcard
Terms and Conditions: Giveaway will end on July 4, 2013 at 11:59PM CST. Open to legal residents 18 years or older in the US and Canada. Prizes cannot be shipped to PO boxes. Winner will be selected via and be notified by email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected. A Dose of Paige will fulfill giveaway after July 4 in a reasonable time period. Any lost of stolen packages after being sent to the winner will not be A Dose of Paige's responsibility.

Were you a no-reply blogger?

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Cathy said...

Thanks for sharing this tip for no-reply bloggers. I have an even bigger pet peeve with those that can't be bothered to ever comment back when I regularly comment on their posts. It makes me less interested in even reading their blogs even if the topic may seem interesting.

Nessa said...

The no-reply stuff drives me bonkers. One of my favorite bloggers is no reply and we've been following each other's blogs forever and I still can't respond to her comments. I've also posted the instructions a time or two and managed to convert one or two people :p

Nessa said...

My favorite summer product... anything light for the lips

Another Clean Slate said...

Thanks for hosting!!

Ozium said...

I read your blog everyday..I really enjoy seeing the challenges and how you take them head on!! Keep up the great work!
lots of love from Victoria Canada

Amber said...

I hate seeing no-reply, because I love to reply to my comments!

My must-have summer beauty item is BB cream. I have a new found love for it. It doesn't make my face feel cakey like most foundations do. And it doesn't sweat off in this heat!

Becca May said...

Girl, I think I FINALLY found a post about this no-reply blogger crap that I can understand!! Somehow, I had my blogger account linked with my Google+ account and for my LIFE I could not figure out how to fix it...I think I finally got it right, but it was an accident...If you dont mind- PLEASE reply to this comment and see if it works for me!!! Thanks, sister!

Amanda M. said...

Lip gloss w/ sunscreen is my summer must have!

JessyPooh87 said...

bronzer and lipgloss.

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

My favorite summer item is setting powder to make me not-shiny!

Sparkles and Shoes

Erica D said...

I love hearing back from other blogs I am following and reading comments and commenting on other blogs. We are all apart of a huge community and we have to give support to receive support.

Jessica Valenzuela said...

Thanks for sharing. I haven't checked mine yet but I do know that I have been wondering how to re-ply to these people who comment because it always says no reply. I have a feeling mine is set as no reply also since I can't remember getting a reply back. Time to go change my end at least. Thank you,

Jessica Valenzuela said...

Thanks for sharing. I haven't checked mine yet but I do know that I have been wondering how to re-ply to these people who comment because it always says no reply. I have a feeling mine is set as no reply also since I can't remember getting a reply back. Time to go change my end at least. Thank you,

Meagan said...

Thank you for posting this!!! I never know how to explain it to people and you did it wonderfully. This is Pin- worthy for sure. OH -- and my must have make up item is SUNSCREEN! I'm outside for hours every day and this Arkansas sun is brutal.

Susan said...

I made the newbie mistake of being a no reply till another blogger was gracious enough to show me how to fix it. I was so grateful!

jackie jade said...

my must have beauty item is fakebake self-tanner right now. totally helps out my pasty legs :)
-- jackie @ jade and oak
-- $75 anthropologie giveaway

Erin said...

My favorite summer product---sunscreen!! I spend a lot of time outside, so I try to protect my skin! :)

Lily Anne said...

Thanks for the great giveaway! My favorite summertime product is Maybelline's BabyLips. My lips need all the help they need. I can wear it alone or under my favorite Lipstick.

Andrea Darst said...

BB Cream/Tinted Moisturizer with SPF!

oruade maxwell said...

Thanks, great work.

Linds F. said...

Here is the question. You've shown blogger profiles but what about others? I thought I fixed my issue a couple of months ago but I'll ask you: from your point of view, am I no reply blogger or can you see my email and website??

Thanks for the share Tarole :)

The Flynnigans said...

I'm so frustrated. I've followed steps repeatedly to resolve this issue and I'm so confused. I revert back to Blogger, then I switch it to Google+.

I just changed some settings around and can you tell me what you see on your end?

I have my website and email attached to my profile so it should work, in theory, but I often find nothing is ever that simple when it comes to google/blogger. I can't test it out on my own blog because I don't have a blogger blog anymore.

Sorry for annoying the crap out of you hun.

Thanks, I appreciate it.