Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Miss USA {part four}

Tomorrow is the preliminary competition for Miss USA 2013. Are you going to watch?

I'm definitely planning on watching the prelims tomorrow (it will be 4pm my time) on the Miss USA website.  It's going to be interesting seeing these girls in motion. You can really tell the difference from some that are completely photogenic, but not very good on TV, so I'm pretty excited!

As before, part one covered the Great Gatsby themed photos, part two covered the swimsuits, and part three covered the evening gowns. I'm bringing you part four, which is my Top 16 based on the headshot photos and will give my pre-prelims Top 16 afterward. Stay tuned, because it is sure to change once I see these girls compete in front of judges.

As I said, here is my Top 16 based on headshots.

**Disclaimer: All photos were taken from the Miss USA website contestant profiles. I DO NOT own any rights to these.**

Headshot Photo

Top 5






Top 10

South Carolina





Top 16


New York

South Dakota




So what do you think? Who are your favorites? Make sure to watch the preliminary competition tomorrow at 4pm EST on the Miss USA website. The judges will score the girls and determine the Top 15 on the final night of competition this Sunday!

Without fiurther ado, here is my pre-preliminary competition Top 16.

Top 16

#16 - Nevada

#15 - South Dakota

#14 - North Carolina

#13 - Michigan

#12 - Minnesota

#11 - Texas

Top 10

#10 - West Virginia

#9 - Illinois

#8 - Florida

#7 - Wisconsin

#6 - Virginia

Top 5

4th Runner Up - Utah

3rd Runner Up - Louisiana

2nd Runner Up - Delaware

1st Runner Up - Kentucky

Miss USA 2013 - Alabama

Bubbles (meaning could possibly make the Top 16 over others) - AR & TN

This is my Top 16 based on all four sets of photos and before the preliminary competition tomorrow. What do you think? Make sure you tune in Sunday, June 16th to watch the Miss USA 2013 competition live from Las Vegas, NV at 9/8c on NBC!

What would your Top 16 be?

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Jennifer said...

So many gorgeous girls. One more so than the other. I wouldn't be able to choose who is my fave just because of differences.

Alyssa Whitt said...

Yay! Alabama's lookin' good! She has some stiff competition though. Miss Utah reminds me of Denise Richards.

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

Alabama and New York!

Sparkles and Shoes

Brittany said...

Illinois for sure (cause it's my home state). Utah has beautiful eyes though!


Paige Nicole said...

Holy heck Texas is GORGEOUS in that first headshot you posted of her.

Of course, I gotta root for TN :)

GA Night Time Owl said...

I'd have to say Kentucky, Idaho, Delaware, Louisiana and Texas are all my fave. Texas is drop dead gorgeous.

I'm a tad worried about South Dakota and if she isnt a man. and Florida is beautiful too.


Sarah J said...

Wow Kentucky is smoking. Loving the Southern Representation happening!