Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I've learned a lot about friendship in my 24 years of being on this planet. Some friends were, some friends are, and some friends will be forever.

Growing up is hard on friendships. You have falling outs, you have those who you still talk to on a regular basis, and you have those who are still in your life no matter what. Growing up really shows you who your true friends are, in my opinion. And these days, I feel a lot of people are really good at faking it.

Moving around a lot when I was young, making and keeping friends was always hard for me. I was never the girl with several girlfriends. I had a lot of girls who were friendly, but only about one or two real true friends who knew me inside and out. Girls never really liked me much growing up. It was a lot harder for me to befriend a girl than it was to befriend a guy.

When I was young, I didn't care about not having that many girlfriends. With that said, it would've been nice to be accepted and wanted in a group of ladies, but having guy friends was good enough for me, they were less judgmental. Now that I am older, I long for girl time, for that quality time to be what I am.. a girl.

As we get older you would think girls would be more accepting of each other. In my experience, it's no different from when we are adolescents. Judgmental, catty, and just downright exhausting - that is what I've found in my adult years of trying to make friends. Maybe it's me.

Moving away from the two best friends I will always consider my best friends (those who are definitely going to be in my wedding one day) has been very hard. Sure they are just a phone call away, but that is what it is, a phone call. It's been hard to make and keep friends to spend time with on a daily basis.

I love having relationships with girls and living with two boys, I need it more than ever. But I've found that out here on the island, the friends I have made either aren't my friend anymore, or have/will be moving away. It definitely does not get any easier as we grow older.

I guess for this completely random, word vomit post, the point is, when you find those friends who are truly that, best friends, always remember to cherish that relationship. It's easy to let distance come between you and sometimes, if let go for too long, it becomes something that once was.

With all of this said, I'm very blessed to have made some of the friends I have through this little blog. But internet friends are a lot different than real life friends. And we all need real life friends.

Do you have a best friend you will cherish forever no matter what?

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Cece said...

I bet it is hard. I don't have a lot of friends but the few that I consider close don't live where I do. It's been a long time since they did. I have a BFF from middle school. We just went to vegas last month together! She is the ONLY person from K-12 I truly stay in touch with. Good friends are really hard to find especially the older you get.

Jackie said...

Finding friends as an adult is hard. Especially after college and especially when there is a lot of moving involved. I will probably be moving away from my high school best friends at some point this year, and while I will miss them, I intend on making sure we stay close!

Becky Dougherty said...

I'm a generally friendly person, and I get along well with many types of people. My problem is that almost every time I really hit it off with someone and become good friends, they actually live a decent distance away from me. I'm cursed or something. It IS super hard to maintain long distance friendships, but if they're true friends, when you do connect, it's as if no time has passed at all. :)

Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

I love this post, and totally feel you 100%. My 2 best friends live 1600 miles away and sometimes we go months without talking but we ALWAYS pick up where we left off, and the second I got married they were down here right by myself!

Distance suuuucks, totally!

Aukele @ 91dash said...

Aw :( Until you find those real life gfs that aren't moving away... Thank God for Tango/Facetime... right??!

Maybe you could try a local running club or something?? Maybe get involved with some of the small business fitness owners around town like Team Move since that is your path???

Erica D said...

You are lucky to have wonderful friends. I always think no matter how close you are to your significant other it is important for a woman to have a good girl friend because no one can communicate with you like another woman. I have learned a lot about the fragility of friendship as well and unfortunately I was in a lot of relationship where I was always the one who cared more, helped more, and was there more so when I stopped I realized who my true friends were, the ones that reciprocate my friendship. I lost a lot of friends when I realized who they really were but It's better to know and cut your loses sometimes.

Robin said...

There have always been fake people, but I think a big problem these days is social media. We've been conditioned to think that we are losers if we don't have 800 Facebook friends. Honestly, who is really friends with that many people? In my opinion, a friend is someone who doesn't need Facebook to remind them of your birthday, someone who will take the time to call you and not just comment on your status updates.

My best friend is my husband. He has been more of a true friend than anyone else I have known. Other people often seemed to treat me as the back-up plan; the person you call because all of your first choices are busy. Or I was the girl that they enjoyed teasing; they would invite me to hang out so they could have a good laugh at my expense.

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I do - she lives in England and I only really get to see her once a year, if that, but she is great!

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