Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Makings of a Mess

I decided to take a break from the blog today and enjoy beautiful Maui!! Instead, I'm letting this little lady take over! Enjoy :)

Hello beautiful readers of One Haole Girl. 

My name is Abbey and I am escaping my corner over at The Makings of a Mess to reminisce back to the early nineties...but before I do, let me just tell you a bit about me! 

I'm finishing up the year as a kindergarten assistant with the funniest kids I have yet to work with. I've been dating the love of my life for almost two years. I have a love for Target, TJ Maxx, and any good deal. I enjoy a good book, the warm sunshine with a cool breeze, and some hit-the-spot sweet tea. 

Now...on to a childhood story.

I am child number five. Of seven. Between the age of two and three [when I was still the youngest], my sister, Rachel, who is just a year older than myself, and me stayed at home with my Dad during the day while my Mom taught at the college in our town. The rest of my siblings were in elementary school at the time. On this cloudy spring day, Rachel and I were upstairs in our shared bedroom playing Barbie’s. Rachel grew bored with that when she asked me, “Hey Abbey, you wanna haircut?” At that age, I tended to agree with whatever was asked, so I simply replied, “Okay!" Rachel went over and found a pair of scissors lying somewhere in the room, I assume. “Sit in the barber’s chair,” Rachel said as she pointed to the floor while she climbed onto my green cot.

On this day, my strawberry blond curls were up in two little pigtails in the back of my head. I naively believed this was going to be a fun experience, but before I knew it she chopped off the first pigtail. She brushed it away to the gray carpet. Snip, and off went the second pigtail, dropping to the floor beside the first. Rachel brushed through my, even now shorter, curly locks. Neither of us got out a mirror to check out my new haircut before my Mom came in to the room to greet us from her long day at work. The look on my Mom’s face had said it all. We were in trouble. Or so we thought. Her eyes widened as she asked, “Abbey, what happened to your hair?” My non-chalant response? “Rachel gave me a haircut!” Let's just say that my Mom was not thrilled that my Dad had let us play unattended that day...

Luckily, Rachel hasn't been near my hair since then, although she occasionally asks me out of love and humor, “Hey Abbey, wanna haircut?” Mom had to fix and trim the back of my hair before I went out with a mullet, yet still ended up with extremely short, curly hair. Moral of the story: Keep scissors out of reach from children!


What a hilarious story! Definitely sounds like something my siblings would have done to me. Abbey is such a cutie still to this day! Thanks for taking over girlfriend!

Do you have any funny sibling stories like this?

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Lauren Alexis said...

how funny! i don't think my sister (who is 5 years younger than me) and i ever cut each others hair, but we do have some funny stories! one day there was a squirrel in a tree about eye level for me in our back yard, so i dared my sister to grab its tail :) she did! but it just ran away! i thought it was going to bite, so of course i made her do it! :)