Friday, May 17, 2013

Life Lately {giveaway}

So today I am just giving an update of life. I still need to record my weeks 4 & 5 of training recap. I will do that tonight :)

I've taken an entire week off of running, but I've kept up with workouts and cardio in different ways. I just started week 3 of the Ripped in 30 by Jillian Michaels and let me tell you, it is definitely the hardest workout from her that I've done thus far. I'm still feeling the soreness.

I'm getting more and more excited about my half marathon. I've got some great product reviews in the works that I really think you fitness and running gurus will enjoy. I'll talk more about that on the vlog tonight so be on the look out :)

I'll see ya there :)

Finally back to a normal schedule after a couple weeks of rearranging it. Feels nice to have a steady flow in work again. Saving up for traveling the world, going home to visit, and finally working towards my degree. :)

This weekend is a big swell for the South Shore so the boys are stoked and we plan to beach it all day today.

I think I'll watch from the sidelines :)

Here are a few pictures taken from my Instagram (follow me if you like :P)

Running in the mornings makes for great photo ops. 

Poolside drinks with my girl for an early celebration for her graduation from Hawaii Pacific University. 

Treated myself to a pair of shorts perfect for summer. Thanks so much to Mayra for making them for me :) (check out her shop!)

Today I will just be doing a lot of..

Almost done with book three!

And while I'm doing a whole bunch of relaxing, I'm leaving y'all with an awesome chance to win some serious cash! Take it away Jean...

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Happy Aloha Friday y'all!

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Tasha-Ann Torres said...

Aloha! I'm Tasha. I found your site through the big may giveaway! I'm definitely going to follow you! Your the first one from Hawaii I've found. Love what I've read so far. I'm glad you love living in Hawaii!

Kristin T said...

I would pay some of my student loans.

Robin said...

How do you like "Storm of Swords" so far?

Jayden Elizabeth said...

I followed all the mandatory blogs! I would spend the money on a mini vaca this summer for my family since we can't afford to spend extra money this summer! :)

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

I can not wait to see how your training goes!

Sparkles and Shoes

Jessica Orlowicz said...

Is that a Hale Koa cup?? We lived in Hawaii for 5 years and stayed at the Hale Koa a bunch of times. I miss that island <3

Natashalh said...

What an awesome book! I'm so sad I'm finished with the series for now =(


Celeste said...

I promise I completed them :) I left my username for each item too in the "extra info" box (GFC username, twitter, bloglovin' username, etc.)

I think I'd get a really good quality watch and/or a handbag if I win!

John said...

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