Monday, May 27, 2013

Hibiscus Half Marathon Recap

Well folks, I did it. I can finally cross "Run a Half Marathon" off my bucket list!!

I am beyond excited about how everything went. If you have been following along with my training recaps, you know I have been struggling with an ankle injury and have been worried about being able to finish the race.

I'm proud to say I finished in the top half of my category and just a few spots shy of finishing in the top of all the women who raced. For my first half marathon, and given my injury circumstance, I'd have to say that is pretty damn good!

Obviously I would've liked to have a faster pace, but there was no fixing that.. let me give you a run down on how the race went.

First of all, I'd highly recommend downloading Spotify if you haven't already. The playlist I put together was dynamite, with no commercials, and really helped to keep me going. Much, muchhhh better than Pandora :)

The race started at 5:30am. I woke up around 4 (after not getting much sleep..) I started my morning off making a pot of coffee, braiding my hair, and putting my head phones in to get me pumped (the boys were still asleep or else I would've blasted that music!). I had bought a couple bananas and power bars the night before so I feasted on half of one power bar, but that was about it. I also only managed to drink about half a cup of coffee, which is weird for me, but oh well.

I dressed in all of my race gear, including my beautiful Sweat Pink shirt (I had to rep my SPA sisters!) and my new Pro Compression socks (you'll be getting a full product review on those very soon!). It was also the day I decided to try out the ENERGYbits I received (you will also be getting a full product review on those very soon!). I gathered my phone, arm band, head phones, and bib number, got on the moped and trucked on over to the start line.

I met up with beautiful Elyssa from Adventure of E and the race began. There were three different distance groups running, a 5 miler, 10 miler and the Half Marathon.

Miles 1-5
For some odd reason, I decided to go against my gut and not wrap my ankle. Bad mistake. It literally started hurting around mile 1. The first 5 miles were great. We made it up Diamond Head hill, no problem and the sun was rising right in front of us. It was beautiful weather and even though I was in pain, literally the entire time, I was having a blast. Water stations were set up about every 2 1/2 miles. Our pace was very consistent, even with the 5 sec breaks for water.

Miles 6-10
Around mile 7 (the turn around point) I was lagging. Not only was my ankle screaming at me, my back started to hurt as well. Having E next to me was really a game changer. If I didn't have her as a partner, I fear I would've done much, much worse. Along the way, anytime I'd see patches of grass beside the road I would run on that. Anything to let up the pressure on my poor ankle. The route was a lot hillier than I anticipated which made it harder, but we kept our steady pace and blasted through it. Once we hit 10 miles, I was already feeling like a winner.

Miles 11-13.1
When I was familiar again with the territory, I got even more excited to finish strong. By then there weren't that many runners beside us and the weather was full on hot and sunny. I was so ready for the race to be over. Around mile 11 I wanted to stop. I walked for a split second, told myself I'm almost there and kept going. Like I said, I was thankful for E beside me. Also, with my Spotify playlist, I felt like it was on par with my feelings. Every time I wanted to slow down and give up a little, an awesome song would come on to keep me going. The power of music, I tell ya. When E and I came to the straight road to the finish line we picked up our speed and finished strong. I wanted to collapse, every inch of me was hurting. I received my medal and wanted to cry I was so proud of myself.

Overall - it was an awesome experience. I love the feeling of pushing myself and seeing that I can really do these things. I wish I wouldn't have been injured, but given that, I feel like I did really, really well. If I'm going to be honest, I probably won't be doing anymore half marathons, and I'm contemplating deleting the "Complete a Full Marathon" off my bucket list. Training was hard, and I enjoy shorter distances like 10k much more. I'm so proud of myself for giving it a try at least once, and what better location. Did I mention I am ridiculously proud of myself? :)

Taken from my Instagram

E and I crossing the finish line and afterwards with our medals. Taken from my Instagram

So happy to see my #1 fan waiting for me at the finish line :)

After the race, I completely forget where I parked my moped and thought it had gotten stolen for a minute, but then my crazy self remembered. Talk about a bummer scare. Mike and I went to breakfast since I was super low on energy and needed to refuel. We treated ourselves to a beautiful view from Lulu's while enjoying some yummy-ness omelettes.

Spinach, tomato, green pepper, and feta cheese omelette, potatoes, and an english muffin. 

Stay tuned for a couple product reviews regarding health/fitness and running. Thank you everyone for your constant support and encouragement throughout my training! I am so blessed to have readers like you.

Have you run a half marathon before?

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Night Owler said...

Let me be the 1st to say WAY TO GO! Love those pink knee socks you are rocking there girl. Glad you did something and are very proud of yourself for accomplishing it. Alot of women could do a lot more that they want to do if they just set their mind to it and just go for it. Which is exactly what you did. Hope that ankle didnt suffer too much pain.

love the pig tails. your long hair makes me miss mine. but mine is getting back long. after i cut it bk in june. LOL never again will i do that. not short anyways.

hope you had a good Memorial day.

Night Owler said...

I have spotify downloaded on my computer and I just love it. beats pandora any day

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

you totally ROCK!! You should be way proud of yourself. I can't imagine the feeling of running that far much less on a bum ankle, you did amazing! It was really cool to see the route on your Nike+ link, you def hit some hills! like long inclines, talk about endurance. So proud of you girlie! Way to rock and sweatpink!

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

Congratulations, I can not believe you did it with your injury! Way to go!

Sparkles and Shoes

Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait said...

Congratulations!! I can't imagine doing something like that, especially with relatively short training and an injury! This is a great life-accomplishment. You are surely a go-getter, and you looked cute while working towards your goal.


thepreppyrunner said...

YAY YAY YAY! Congrats! I am so proud of you! That is a great time and you are a rockstar!!!

Ashley @ The Preppy Runner

Claudia Castro said...

New follower from the monday mingle hop

hope you can visit me too! and congrats on the run :)

Claudia @

Becky Dougherty said...

I can't even run a mile....let a lone a half-marathon. This makes me even MORE impressed that you did it with a hurt ankle! You're awesome!

Congratulations! xox

Tawnys Tid Bits said...

I am super proud of you!! It is such an accomplishment NO MATTER what your time is!!!!! Do I see another one in your future?!? I will be doing the same one I did this year... next year.

E said...

Wahoo! Way to go team! =) So great to have you run with me, the whole way! You did amazing!

Alyson said...

Congrats on completing your first 13.1!!! I am sorry you were in pain the whole time but am beyond impressed you still finished!

Michelle (michabella) said...

Sorry this is so belated, but SO proud of you! Great time! Love Lulu's! I am doing the Windward half in Sept. So nervous! Eek!