Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cardstore Review {giveaway}

It's almost Mother's Day! Have you figured out what to get that lovely mama of yours?

I am a huge fan of cards. Whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just because - a card can say so many words in so many ways.

I also am a huge fan of customizing. I  feel like custom made objects really have a special meaning, more special than the message you are already sending.


Cardstore is an online greeting card store where you can personalize any kind of card you can think of. Even better, they are super cheap and are offering free shipping right now! It's pretty self explanatory, but I'm going to break it down into steps anyway :)

Basically, in a nut shell, you choose which kind of card you'd like to make. Above is a screenshot of the main page, as you can see, there are several categories.

Once you choose your category, there are so many more options. You can refine your search by deciding on what exactly you are looking for. For example, above is the drop box for artist or brand, but you can choose any of the other categories as well. So awesome!

Once you choose a style, you can double check before committing if this card is right for you. It let's you know what all you can customize and what message is included inside (which you can ultimately change if you'd like).

Customizing your card...

Step One
 - The Front. A lot of the cards allow you to personalize the front of the card, especially if they include photos. I like those the best, because not only does it have a sweet message, but it allows memories to be remembered.

It gives you the option of uploading from your computer or pulling a photo from Facebook. After you've chosen your photo, you can change the look of it as well (original, black and white, or sepia). Cool right?

I decided to choose an old photo of my mom. I think it goes really well with the card. But of course, that is why it is custom, because you can choose whatever you want!

Step Two - The Inside. It gives you several options for the inside. You can choose whether or not to include photos or extra personal messages. I chose one with a photo, so I could include a more recent photo for my mom.

Adding the photo is just like it was for the front.

They come with a message already typed out, which you can change if you'd like. I chose to keep the already written message, and add my own personal one underneath it.

You change up the font, size, and color of the personal message. You really have no boundaries!

Last, you have your signature. It gives you the option of scanning your handwritten signature, or just simply typing it out. To make it easy, I just typed it out.

Step Three - Finalizing. After you are finished with totally customizing your card, it allows you to review every inch of it before checking out. Don't forget to check the box above when hitting the next button.

Sending your card...

When you are about to send your card, it gives you the option of printing out your return address, sending you blank envelopes to manually send it yourself, or you can choose to have them send it for you (which is the easy route that I took).

You can choose to either send it right away or schedule it for a better date. Fill out the "To" and the "From" just like you would if you were writing the envelope yourself.

Make sure everything looks good before checking out.

All that's left to do is fill out your billing info and hit send! Voila - your personalized card is on it's way!


Hold up

I'm not quite done yet folks. Cardstore has given me the opportunity to give you lovely readers the chance to win a promo code for one free card! Below is the rafflecopter, it will be open for three days. Please refer to the terms and conditions via the rafflecopter.

Enter at your own will *this does not have to be used on a Mother's Day Card* and GOOD LUCK!

Happy Tuesday!

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Kouponing Kayla said...

I absolutely LOVE Cardstore! I have used them several times and I never had any issues. They have a wide selection and offer extensive customization. They're great! My favorite feature is being able to mail it directly to the person after I create it!

I will make a card for Mother's Day since I can have it sent right to Mom's mailbox!

Amber said...

I'd do a mother's day card! :)

Ameryn Briggs said...

Probably a mothers day card, since it's just around the corner!

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

What adorable cards! Thanks for the great intro!

Sparkles and Shoes

Ashleigh said...

What cute cards! Thank you for sharing the website. I am in the process of saving it now :)