Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Harry Potter Fix

It's Wednesday!

My schedule is finally back to normal. It was a pretty tough week for me, although I shouldn't complain too much. But after a day off and lounging on the beach literally, all day, I feel rejuvenated and happy my schedule is back to normal :)

It's time for another My Harry Potter Fix!

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Week 25 

This week it's all about Pottermore! Are you magical? I am :)

I love Pottermore, although I must admit, I haven't been on in a while. This week is dedicated to the fun internet world so I thought I'd share some info about me on Pottermore.

-I am LumousSpell31155
-I was sorted into Hufflepuff


-My wand is Larch
-12 1/4 in
-Phoenix Feather
-Slightly Springy


-I'm much better at potions than dueling.


-My bff and HP soulmate is a Hufflepuff like me
-I'm halfway through Chamber of Secrets

I really like Pottermore for the extra info and inside that we get from J.K. Rowling on the story. She's always adding information about certain characters, classes, or anything else you could imagine. For super Potterheads like me, it's great and pretty much a simple way to keep the story alive :)

Do you play on Pottermore? If so, friend me! Link up with us so I can see your thoughts!

And join us next week where we return to questions!

Week 26 Questions
1. Which Harry Potter movie actor would you most like to hang out with for a day?
2. Do you think there should be a television miniseries made in the future based on the books?
3. Be honest - do you want to see the movies remade with different actors sometime in the future?



Brianne Bracco said...

I've always wanted to check out Pottermore...and now I need to! I'm still waiting on my Hogwarts letter to show up...I may have hinted at my husband on where he can have them made ;)

Night Owler said...

I cant really get into the Harry Potter deal

Terrye Toombs said...

Hi, Tarole! I found you through Krystal's Kitsch BlogLovin' Link Up. Happy to be following you now!

Vanessa said...

I'm on Pottermore!!

But haven't been on in awhile.

I've only watched the movies before joining Pottermore and just recently started reading the books (I know, I know- super late to the party!)

I'm in Ravenclaw and also WAY better at potions than I am at dueling. I think I'm too slow!

Kimberly H said...

I love it! I wish there were more interactive things to do regularly on Pottermore besides potions and dueling...I get bored with both. Haha.

Becky Dougherty said...

I tried searching for tells me your username doesn't exist??

I think that I'm better at Potions than dueling, too! That's something that I can do without needing a friend. But hopefully, we'll find more friends thanks to this week's posts! :)

Alyson said...

I totally need to actually participate in this linkup because i am going through some serious HP withdrawal.

Also, haven't signed up for Pottermore yet. I thought it cost money?! I'm going to have look into it now (even though it will make me look even cooler to my not so understanding muggle friends).

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

I absolutely love HP and this makes me happy!

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