Monday, April 1, 2013

Manini Kine Ladies of March

Good Morning lovelies!

Today I'm bringing you part four and the final edition to my March Sponsor Showcase! (Read part one, part two, and part three) Moving on to my sweet Manini Kine ladies on my sidebar for the month of March. I have enjoyed getting to know these sweet ladies and working with them this month. I'm sure you are going to love them as much as I do, not only are the beautiful, but they are super sweet as well.

The Better Belle Project

Favorite Spring time activity - "I love getting out and being outside in the springtime. In Vegas the spring starts a little earlier than most places and we've already been enjoying 80 degree weather this year. I can honestly say that my favorite thing about spring is that point where you get to switch from boots to flip-flops! I could live in flip-flops year round if the weather allowed me to! Also, once it gets warm and stays warm that means that days on the lake and pool parties can't be far away, and who doesn't love a pool party!?"

Mrs. Lawler's Lovelies

Favorite Spring time activity - "To go hiking and picnic-ing with my husband and baby! And this year I hope that gardening becomes a favorite as well!"

Everything Happens For a Reason
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Favorite Spring time activity - "Going to Keeneland. For the non-Lexingtonians, it's horse races that last the whole month of April and October. Think the Derby, but it goes on for a longer period of time."

I really enjoyed having all of these ladies I showcased on my sidebar for the month of March. I really think you'd like them too - so go check them out for me!

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Night Owler said...

I just may have to check out Whitney. I love the quote "Everything happens for a reason."

Steve Finnell said...

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