Friday, April 26, 2013

Love, The Skinnys

I know what you are thinking. I will say it for you.

"Where is Tarole?! I came here to read about Hawaii... who is this Deidre girl? How do you even pronounce her name?"

First, It is pronounced Dee-druh. Second, I have had the same thoughts. Before you go all cray cray on me and move to your next blog... let me tell get you the details. My name is Deidre, and my husband and I blog over at Love, The Skinnys. And now I have exactly... 4 seconds to impress you. To convince you to click through on that little baby hyperlink to my blog. Step into a world of pure imagination  Name the movie.

This is me. 
I'm from Idaho. And I am a pageant girl. So if it has potatoes or a crown. I like it.

This is Adam. 
He doesn't usually dress like this... I tricked him into taking this photo.
He usually is wearing sports shorts and a tee.
He always poses like this.

I blog on everyday but Tuesday. And that is when Adam takes the reigns.
Here are our top ten favorite things to do...

1. Tell Chuck Norris jokes. Fear of spiders is arachnophobia  fear of tight spaces is claustrophobia  fear of Chuck Norris is called Logic

2. Support each other.. even if it means potentially not getting married for a year after winning a pageant or 40 days of not seeing each other during baseball season.

3. Eat  treats like caramel apples and smores. Caramel apples are our favorite treat and were a huge part of our engagement. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory should be sponsoring our marriage.

4. Sleep in. Well. I like to sleep in. Adam likes to wake me up... 

5. Make funny faces. That was actually how my family decided Adam was a good match for me. He makes more funny faces than me.

6. Find hiding spaces and try to scare each other

7. Cook dinner. And go out for dinner. But we like to try making new things. Because that is what you  do when you are married. Have family dinner.

8. Watch Gossip Girl... just kidding... baseball.

9. Go on walks and drives. Walks when its warm. Drives when its cold. You know. To keep the climate comfortable.

10. Make new friends

We have been married for about eight months. We have no clue what we are doing. But we are learning together. And with a little help from our {blogger} friends. There are all sort of stories I could tell you, but I think my time is up now. So click on over to Love, The Skinnys to hear more about baseball, recipes, marriage, pageants, and sleep talking. I promise you a good time or your money back.


Seriously? I. Love. This. Girl. So happy I found her blog and am even more happy that we became friends. Deidre is such a sweetheart, I really think you'll enjoy her just as much as I do! Thanks for taking over today!

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Myranda said...

I love e funny faces, you seem like a match made in heaven lol! I am coming over to your blog right now :)