Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring 2013 Trends

Happy Aloha Friday!

It's finally Spring! Meaning shorts, tanks, and bright colors :) Obviously by now you know I live on an island, so these trends tend to stick around all year long. But today I'm bringing you my top 3 trends for Spring 2013. Now, my personal style is all over the place. I never like to stick to one look.. most of the time I am just throwing styles together that work with my mood for the day. 

One Haole Girl's Spring 2013 Trends 

Spring 2013 Bra Tops

Spring 2013 Bra Tops by onehaolegirl

The first trend that is a super favorite of mine is the bra top. If you've been around here at all or on my Instagram, you know that I love me some high waisted anything with a bra top. I love the free-ness of the simple item. You can dress up or dress down, and they go with so many different options! Defintiely a trend that has potential to stick around for a while - at least in my book :)

The second trend I went with is full skirts. I also really like this look. Whether it be mini, full length, or in between, these skirts are such a great look. I am a fan of feeling free while still looking cute so this is right up my alley.

Ironically, I'm wearing both a bra top, and a full skirt in this picture below...

Taken from my Instagram

Like I said, I like to just dress how I feel.
Spring 2013 Color Blocked Handbags

Spring 2013 Color Blocked Handbags by onehaolegirl

The third trend I went with is color blocked handbags. I'm a sucker for cute purses and this trend makes me happy. I always have trouble trying to figure out which color I really like more, so with this color block trend, I get the best of them all!

Well dears, there you have it! My top three trends for Spring 2013. Don't forget to check out my guest post over at Love, The Skinnys where I'm sharing my Spring Break Essentials.

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Night Owler said...

saw alot of cute things today when I went shopping. My style is bout like yours. its always changing. just depends on my mood and the day. and some people find that odd.

Leigh said...

I am SO into full skirts today too!! I feel like they make any look super feminine and pretty. Perfect for Spring/Summer!

Chelsea said...

Stop it! You are just plain gorgeous girl :) Can you move to MN and be my personal trainer please?

ty said...

LOVE the bra tops! I'm in the middle of losing the muffin top so I can rock one :)

jackie jade said...

the bra tops are really cute, but i'm not quite confident enough to rock one. loving the full skirts though - very fun, springy looks!

Jennifer said...

I love it! Looks fabulous on you.

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

You look gorgoeus but I could never pull off a bra top - a full skirt on the other hand, that I can do!

Sparkles and Shoes

Night Owler said...

hey there. I'm nominating you for the Liebster award b/c your blog rocks. You rock and your style is fabulous.