Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Harry Potter Fix

Happy Wednesdays loves!

Boy am I exhausted. A couple friends, Mike, and me went on the hike Stairway to Heaven yesterday morning and I'm still feeling the aftermath. But boy, was it worth it. I'll be posting about it soon :)

It's Hump Day! Which means it's time for another My Harry Potter Fix Link Up!

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Week 24 Questions

1. Which character would you have liked to have read more about?
I was always fascinated in Luna as a supporting role and I'd love to know more about her and her fathers crazy theories and what not. I know we learn some about the family, but I would love to know more!

2. Is there a character you think was unnecessary in the series?
I honestly think Gilderoy Lockhart was completely unnecessary to the series. Granted he played some sort of a role in how things went down in the Chamber of Secrets but that could've happened anyway with or without him. I think he was a complete waste of a character and time in the story.

We kept it short and sweet this week, all of us are super busy! Link up is open until 11:59 Sunday night so make sure you link up with us so I can see your answers :)

Next week we'll be talking about Pottermore - what do you love, what do you hate, your favorite parts so far, a tutorial...anything you like!



Kimberly H said...

Lockhart is a good answer! Out of all of the teachers he's definitely the most irrelevant to storylines, he never contributes anything and just projects all of his delusions about fame onto Harry. I'm loving everyone's answers this week :)

Kimberly H said...
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Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

What great answers!

Sparkles and Shoes

Becky Dougherty said...

Oh my! Lockhart is a good choice! What an irritating character!

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