Sunday, March 24, 2013

Keu Nui Kine Ladies of March

Happy Sunday love bugs!

How's everyone's weekend shaping up? I've been focusing on the positives in my life and it's making me feel a lot better as a whole. I think I may have found a route in what I want to do with my life, so now I am determined to start saving money - not only to go to school, but to travel and enjoy life completely!

Enough rambling.. Today I'm starting my March Sponsor Showcase! During these next four parts I will be showing off my beautiful sidebar ladies that have stuck with me throughout the month of March. Some of them may not be new faces, but I really think you'll love all of them as much as I do. One thing I absolutely love about this community is meeting so many different ladies on all sides of the spectrum. Some of them have really become some of my best friends! So without further ado, I'm starting part one with my Keu Nui Kine beauties!

Jessica "Duckie"
Frikken Duckie

Favorite springtime activity - "Going to the beach and soaking up the sun!"

Part of That World

Favorite springtime activity - "Going on walks with my daughter Emma. I'm sure going to the park will be a part of this starting this year, since she is about to be 1 yr old. "

I really think you will enjoy their blogs so hop on over and tell them I sent you :) And stay tuned for parts two, three, and four!

Happy Sunday!


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