Saturday, February 16, 2013


Aloha loves

There's a lot of you who are new around here - welcome!! It's Saturday and usually I'd be hosting my weekly Saturday Style. Unfortunately I'm going through some stuff in my personal life (not ready to air out the dirty laundry) so it has kept me from getting to finish my post for this week. I know, I really need to get onto scheduling better. But have no fear I promise it'll be back on next week. Please keep those requests comin'!

I'm constantly conflicted with my inner thoughts. Changing my mind ever so often, thinking good thoughts, thinking bad thoughts. Figuring out what I want to do with my time and then changing it to something different the next day.

I guess you could call it immaturity, but I honestly just don't know where I'm going or what my life's plan is. As hard as I try to get it figured out, it's much easier to go with the flow. Sometimes life really is paradise, and then in a blink of an eye it can go the other way.

What I'm trying to get at here is I'm seeking positiveness. Trying with all of my heart and soul to constantly keep a positive attitude towards anything that's thrown at me. It's so easy for me to get into a down state and when I'm there it's so hard for me to get back up.

But you know what they say, even the sun sets in paradise.

So until this lull of mine is over - here are a few giveaways to enter. Thanks so much for sticking with me lovely readers, and I promise I'll be quick with gathering myself together and getting back into the swing.



Ashley from The Kitchen-Sink Chronicles said...

Whatever your going through... it shall pass. Your a strong person - you will overcome!

Ashley McCardia said...

Love you

Ashley McCardia said...

Love you

Kimberly H said...

So sorry to hear you're going through some rough times, love. I hope that it starts to get better soon and that you make the decisions that are right for you. Don't let anyone else get you down! xoxo

Sarah said...

I am sorry you are going through such a hard time!! I feel the same way sometimes and we just have to be positive and work through it because things will always get better. It is hard to remember but it is true!

XO pretty!

Robin said...

I'm sorry about whatever you are going through. I will include you in my prayers.

Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait said...

It's okay to not have all the answers and to feel indecisive. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of time for the next step to be revealed. Follow your instincts, and you'll be fine. :) Sending hugs to you from Oklahoma.


Logan Cantrell said...

I'm sorry, Tarole! I love you girl. Just know that you have friends (however far away) that are praying for you and here for you no matter what. I'm sorry you are going through a difficult time. As someone who has dealt with depression a lot in my life, I know how easy it is to get so down so quickly and how hard it is to pick yourself up. I'm here for you if you ever start feeling down. I hope whatever it is gets resolved quickly.

Sorry I just wrote you a really sappy book. haha

becca said...

new follower

Martha said...

So sorry to hear you're having a tough time. Whatever it is, you're a tough cookie (I can tell!). Sending good karma your way!

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

take your sweet time, girlie! Life has so many ups and downs and they never seem to make sense until after the fact. Keep your chin up and eyes on the sun, it'll all work out and you'll know your place soon enough :D

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

I hope everything gets sorted out soon, and good luck!

Sparkles and Shoes

Sarah said...

hi there! I am sorry to hear that you are having a rough time night now. I am a new follower- I found you on the Monday Mingling Blog Hop! I hope to read more and hopefully you will find some peace with everything! Stop by and say hello sometime!