Monday, February 4, 2013

My Harry Potter Fix: Fashion Edition

It's MONDAY! Which means.... It's time for another

My Harry Potter Fix!!
Fashion Edition

We're continuing with our fashion edition! Excited much? I am!!!

Rules are same as always.
1. Use the button and link back to us somehow
2. Visit others
3.Post about Harry Potter
4. Have fun

Please join Ashley, Kim, Erinn and myself! <-- We're the hosts :D

If you have question ideas for the link up, or just questions in general, shoot an email our way! Also, we're looking for questions to add to our vault! Don't be afraid to submit one!

On to the fashion!

So far for our fashion edition, I've showed you my styles for each house, my favorite characters, and some other mentioned female characters. This week I'm bringing you a few more female characters - good and bad!

Beginning with a far too important character to leave out, Bellatrix Lestrange!

Next we have one of my favorite professors and if I was to teach at Hogwarts, I'd definitely teach this subject. Here's Sybill Trelawney!

Last but certainly not least, I wouldn't forget to include Ginny Weasley!

Well there ya have it. The final installment of our Fashion Edition for My Harry Potter Fix!! Did you enjoy? I sure did! Link up with us so I can see your styles for this week!



Becky Dougherty said...

Cute outfits! :) I had so much fun with the fashion edition weeks!

Northern Style Exposure said...

love these looks!

Erinn C.D. said...

I love the boots for Prof. Trelawney and Ginny. I don't think I could pull them off in real life but I love it when people can!