Friday, February 1, 2013

January - February Waena Kine Ladies

Aloha darlings!

I can't believe it's already February! And since it's a short month, it'll be March soon too!! Ahh.

So I've already introduced you to my lovely Keu Nui and Nui Kine ladies on my left side bar! So now it is time to bring to you part three of this series and introduce to you the lovely ladies holding up the Waena Kine spots! You've seen them around for January, well they're here to stay for February as well. Some you may already know, and others you are seeing for the first time! Either way, I've loved working with them and can't wait to show them off!

Without further ado..

You Are The Roots

Lindsey is a mommy blogger who has an awesome series going on right now talking about healthy toddler meals and snacks! Check it out here.

Rebeckann's Random Thoughts & Recipes

Becky made the switch over from Wordpress to Blogger (great idea right?) Let's help her celebrate by following her publicly on GFC!

Football and Rainbows

Dani has been through a lot in her young age and has two post near and dear to her heart. Learn more about her by reading here and here!

Wannabe Green

Ashley has a ton of awesome crafts recipes specifically for Valentine's Day in the works! Stay tuned on her blog for more!

It's The Journey

Erinn talks about how scary it is trying to budget for the first time! Read it here!

So there you have it! My lovely Waena Kine ladies through February! You'd be doing yourself a favor by checking out their blogs! Each one is special in their own way :) I've loved getting to know these ladies!

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Rachel said...

thanks for the introductions, Tarole!
I love how connected you are!