Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Dose of Paige

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Today I have a special guest taking over! Since I'm not around, lovely Paige from A Dose of Paige is here to talk about her life with her sweet husband Cody. She's giving us 10 reasons why her hubby is awesome! I hope you enjoy :)



My name is Paige 
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I blog at A Dose of Paige where I talk about all the newlywed misadventures my husband and I experience and all of my embarrassing nursing moments! And there are a lot of them, trust me. You will also see a ton of beauty and fashion posts because that is one of my favorite things outside of being a newlywed and nursing school.

But today, I'm guest posting for one of the most awesome bloggers in the blog world because for some reason she asked for guest posts. I really actually have no idea why. I assume she's going on a secret mission.

Since I'm a newlywed of 7 months, I have obviously wracked up some truly brilliant marriage advice. 

This is me and my awesome husband Cody, henceforth known as Cody the Awesome.

I am going to tell you why having him around is awesome. In list form, because who doesn't like lists?
  • Reason Number 1 that he's awesome is that when I have a headache and am generally acting pitiful and pathetic, pills magically appear in my hand. 
Now, this isn't really magic, it's Cody the Awesome bringing me the magic headache taking away pills!
  • Reason Number 2 is that when the super glue gets mad at you and glues itself shut, he uses his teeth to open it and when that doesn't work, Cody the Awesome uses pliers, because for some reason, my hands didn't want to make the pliers work right.
  • Reason Number 3 is that he cooks. Girls, always find a man that cooks. He makes some really awesome stuff. Like Bacon Chicken Ranch Pasta.
And Enchiladas, which happen to be what we had on our wedding night.

  • Reason Number 4 is that whenever my car messes up, he's around to fix it. So I don't have to beg the guys at Autozone anymore! Yay!
  • Reason Number 5 is that when it's time for that time of the month he actually puts up with all the bitching and whining and moaning that I do. See? He really is awesome.
  • Number 6 is that I literally have my best friend sleeping over every night. And sometimes, there's cookies involved. Sometimes there's beer involved. Sometimes there's wine involved. We like to mix it up.
  • Number 7 would have to be that he puts up with my crazy family...and trust me, they are crazy. So crazy, that I can't even post about them on the internet. Let's just say that every vacation pretty much turns in to the vacation from hell and he doesn't even get mad!
Left: Me and a Cousin, Middle: Me and Cody, Right: My brother's photobomb
  • Number 8 is that he makes me laugh until I cry. Literally. He's one of the funniest people I know. See Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2.
  • Number 9 is that Cody the Awesome is more sarcastic than I am so my sarcastic comments don't hurt him very much.
  • The number 10 reason that he's awesome is I never have to worry about finding someone to take home. I have the single sexiest man on earth already in bed with me. Yes, I went there!

So, see? Being married really is awesome! You just have to look past all the hair around your bathroom sink, jeans thrown on the floor and shaving cream spots on the mirror to find all the really amazing stuff!

Thanks SO much for sharing Paige! I think it's awesome that you think so highly of your hubby :) Too. Cute. 

Everyone please go visit Paige at her blog. I think you'll really enjoy her beauty and fashion posts!!

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