Thursday, January 31, 2013

Not Quite There Yet

Hello there! I hope you are having a pleasant week.  
I'm Danette from All My Love for All My Days and I'm filling in for Dalayna.  She's in Ethiopia!  Yesterday she got to see two Baboons cross the street in front of their vehicle.  I thought that was fairly interesting. 

 Here's Dalayna...

Welcome back to the link up unlike any other...
Not Quite There Yet!
This link up is specifically for non-mommy and/ or unmarried bloggers.
(We still love all you married with kids folks!)

This will be a weekly link up rotating through different social media outlets for us to connect through. I hope that this link up will facilitate the making of many new friendships and partnerships. We are all in the same boat, let's get to know each other and support each other through life's twists and turns.

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Alright, let's kick this thing off!
We will be linking up via Instagram or Vine accounts this week.

You know the drill...
1. Follow your host:D
2. Follow ALL of your co-hosts. please and thank you!
Tarole from One Haole Girl & Rachel from Held By His Hands
3. Link up your Instagram or Vine Account.
4. Find some other great bloggers and follow along. And be sure to leave us a comment so we can all follow you back!
5. Button up and spread the word! Share this post on Twitter & Facebook!

If you are interested in co-hosting email dalayna {dot}dillon {at}gmail {dot}com.

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believeninspire said...

Thanks so much for hosting! xo


Setarra said...

Already follow you via Instagram! Love all your photos you post of Hawaii!!