Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Harry Potter Fix {giveaway}

My Harry Potter Fix is BACK!!


It's a new year and I feel like we're getting more and more into our appreciation for Harry Potter!! With that said, this is a weekly link up that is open from Monday to Friday so you can join at any time - we'd love to have you!!

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4. Have fun

Please join Ashley, Kim, Erinn and myself and welcome back My Harry Potter Fix - CALLING ALL POTTERHEADS!!

If you have question ideas for the link up, or just questions in general, shoot an email our way!

Week 13 Questions

1)Do you know any of the characters middle names?
Wow already starting off with a bad one! Haha I do not know the middle names of the characters.. other than Hermoine's is Jean isn't it? And I could've sworn Harry's was James - but that I could definitely be wrong on :/

2)Would you name your child for a Harry Potter character? Have you done this?
I'm not entirely sure if I'd name a child after Harry Potter.. Possibly, but I haven't crossed that bridge nor do I intend to anytime in the near future (it will probably never happen let's be honest :/) so I can't quite make an answer to this one. Pets? Most definitely!! If I had one...

3)Is there something you still don’t understand about the series that you need answered?
Let's see.. there are SO many questions I have about the series that are unanswered. Why did you come up with the names you did? Why did certain characters have to die? Why did you name the children of the characters the way you did? So many questions, but still no answers...

4)Did you have any strange rituals you did when you first got your hands on your copy of the new HP book?
Hmm not sure I have any rituals. But I would read all the of the names of the chapters and look at the pictures. I also always read the little blurb meant to grab your attention about the book. Also, I'd study the covers - like look at all of the drawings and what not. :)

5)Did Harry ever annoy you as a character? If so, in which book(s) and why?
For the most part I really liked Harry's character. I did get annoyed at him always needing to find things out and how he always went looking for "trouble". But then again he did have a terrible burden hanging over him so it's hard to even say that is annoying!!

6)Character you'd most like to duel? What's the first spell you'd use against them?
I'd like to duel the Weasley Twins, only because I'd like to see the crazy spells they come up with to use against me. They were always so clever. I'd have to use Expelliarmus for my first spell so I could quickly disarm them!!

7)Three Broomsticks or the Hogshead Pub?
Definitely Three Brooksticks. I'd love to go visit there and have a nice glass of Butter Beer. Yummmm

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    Erinn C.D. said...

    Harry's middle name is James :)

    rebeckann said...

    You're right about Harry's middle name. I was thinking Hermoine's was Jean, too. So, if we both think it, then it must be true...right? :)