Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Harry Potter Fix : Fashion Edition

It's Monday and you know what that means!

Time for My Harry Potter Fix.

I'm especially excited about this week's edition because it's all about fashion! :)

The rules are the same as always. Please join Ashley, Erinn, and myself for this special edition of My Harry Potter Fix

1. Use the button and link back to us somehow
2. Visit others
3. Post about Harry Potter
4. Have fun

This Week's Question

What we want to see from you this week, is some of your favorite Harry Potter clothing, jewelry, etc. Maybe even which character's closet you'd want to raid the most?

I decided to put together a spread for each of the houses at Hogwarts.

Beginning with Gryffindor of course!

Second I went with Hufflepuff, because that is the house I was sorted into on Pottermore :)

My HP Fix Week 14 - Hufflepuff

My HP Fix Week 14 - Hufflepuff by onehaolegirl

Next we have Ravenclaw..

My Harry Potter Fix Week 14 - Ravenclaw

My Harry Potter Fix Week 14 - Ravenclaw by onehaolegirl

And last, but certainly not least, Slytherin

So, what do you think? I LOVED doing this! Link up with us so I can see your styles! You have until FRIDAY :)

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Kim @ K.O. Jewelry said...

This is such a great take on Harry Potter fashion! I love the Hufflepuff clutch!

Megan said...

Should have known you'd have a great fashion post. I love that Slytherin dress.

Erinn C.D. said...

Those gold shoes in gryffindor's outfit are amazing! I wish I could rock those somehow

Helene said...

um love this Tarole! this is such a great idea!

Erin said...

Oh my gosh! Such cute outfits!! I love them all! :) :)

Paige said...

My fave, forever and always, is slytherin! lol

Kimberly H said...

I love the sets that you put together! Such a creative question this week - I'm sad that it was the one week that I happened to be gone on link up day!

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