Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Miss America 2013

So I know it's been a couple weeks since the Miss America 2013 pageant. (If you are new around here, I'm obsessed with pageants so it's only like me to review this!)

First off, I love how the pageant is held on prime time TV on ABC on a Saturday night. In my post here you see the differences between Miss USA and Miss America, but one thing I didn't go into is the way the two national pageants treat their contestants.

Miss America showcases their national contestants constantly throughout the week leading up to the pageant, and this year they even had a one hour show right before the pageant (making the entire even a three hour TV event!). It went deep into behind the scenes of the beauty queens and even their embarrassing secrets to success! I loved it!

If you read said post, I told you that I have always favored the Miss America system, although I LOVE Miss USA and would give anything to have a chance to compete on that stage, I always entered pageants in the Miss America system for the performance aspect and scholarship opportunity alone.

This year I was very excited to watch the pageant. Miss Arkansas Sloane Roberts is a favorite of mine, I've known her for several years now and was so excited that she captured the crown of my home state. I was so sure that she would go far.

Unfortunately she didn't make the Top 15 (or in this year's case the Top 17?!). That's ok though, because she did earn the prestigious award of Miss Congeniality which in my opinion is just as good! She posted a very heartful and humble response to receiving the award - you can read it here.

Moving on to the actual pageant...

There were a lot of things I liked, but a lot of things I didn't like.

First things first, WHY are we trying to stray from tradition and and WHY are we trying to turn this pageant into a reality show. Not cool ABC. Not cool.. There are over $50,000 dollars of scholarship on the line for these ladies!

Exhibit A. After the Top 16 had been called out, before commercial break the announcers decided to throw in a surprise for the judges, allowing them to discuss and decide one more contestant to be thrown into the mix making a Top 17. What?! If the girls didn't have the points to get them into the Top 15 then so be it! This is a contest remember. I didn't like that. I know we have to try and keep in interesting, and maybe I'm stuck in my ways but I did NOT like that. Washington was pretty and all, but I didn't think she had what it took to be in the Top 10 - which being the judges fave (obviously) allowed her to do. But then again, I wasn't one of the many celebrity judges so there's that.

After the Top 17 competed in Swimsuit, I was able to start on picking favorites. South Carolina, Wyoming, and Illinois.

South Carolina Ali Rogers

Wyoming, Lexie Madden

Illinois, Megan Ervin

By the way, one thing I REALLY CAN'T STAND about this pageant is how they make all of the non finalists sit on the stage during the entire competition. This year, they decided to make a mockery of it and shoved glazed donuts in their faces trying to make them feel better for not advancing. Are you serious?! Sorry, but that would not have been ok with me (although I do like donuts..)

After Simsuit they went down to a Top 12 where they preceded to compete in Evening Gown. Wyoming did not disappoint, I'm not too sure how I liked Illinois' gown, and I did not whatsoever like South Carolina's gown!


South Carolina

Gowns I DID like however, were Washington and New York. Simple and elegant, although I'm not a fan of wearing either of the two colors for a pageant they were still very beautiful.


New York

From there the lineup was trimmed down to a Top 10 and this is where the Talent portion came in. This is where I could really distinguish favorites. Some of the girls I loved previously, like Illinois, really disappointed me in this phase. While others I wasn't too sure about made me start to really pay attention to them, like Oklahoma.

Sorry dear but I was NOT crazy about this dance..

I was very impressed with her tap dance routine!

She continued to impress me throughout the night. I don't know much about piano but it sounded beautiful and she looked even more beautiful.

New York
This tap dance was pretty entertaining, but I couldn't get past the fact that she painted on her "abs". I mean come on.. work it out if you want them don't fake it. Disappointment.

South Carolina
I thought this sounded pretty good, but there has been controversy about her using a track to play along with. Who knows.. She still looked stunningly beautiful.

After the 10 performed in Talent, it was time to choose the Top 5. One thing I found interesting, was there were no singers picked for the Top 5 this year. But I was ok with who was chosen, they all seemed pretty worthy to me.

I totally thought South Carolina had it in the bag. Except for her gown choice, she was my favorite. Beautiful, young, fresh, and with a cute sense of humor. I wouldn't be disappointed if she captured the crown..

But I was wrong.

It came down to South Carolina and New York. I felt New York was consistent with each phase, but there was something about her I couldn't relate to or find intriguing like I could with South Carolina.

New York hearing her name called as the winner

The results ended up being:

4th Runner Up Mariah Carey, Iowa
3rd Runner Up Lexie Madden, Wyoming
2nd Runner Up Alicia Clifton, Oklahoma
1st Runner Up Ali Rogers, South Carolina
Miss America 2013 Mallory Hytes Hagan, New York

I thought this one was great. Look at all of the ladies in the background :)

Enjoy your year as Miss America 2013!

What did you think about the Miss America pageant?

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Megan said...

I also hate how they're turning it into a "reality show." I thought South Carolina had won too. I've seen a lot of people saying Miss New York (now Miss America) is originally from Alabama (my home state). I don't know how true it is, but my Alabama friends are quite proud. I'm not surprised no singers made it into the top 5. I did not think they were good considering you are singing as your talent. That is an awesome honor to be named Miss Congeniality!

Setarra said...

Yea... Miss Illinois hit a very sour mark within the dance community in NYC. I felt realllllly embarrassed for her...

Cece said...

I watched it and thought the donut part was a little degrading. There were 2 girls at the end who seemed like they didn't want to take one bit did. Awesome recap!

Hannah {Our Journey Blog} said...

I didn't like New York one bit. Haha I thought her answer to the last question was really stupid, and to be completely honest, it annoyed me.

So glad your friend won the Miss Congeniality! That's pretty cool! :)

Brooke said...

Wow, they look great in there bikinis! Wish I did not eat Chipotle tonight! ;-)

Martha said...

Being from SC, I was so pulling for Ali Rogers. All the write ups about her in the paper were so positive and she sounded so, well, nice and down to earth!

Helene said...

I love hearing your take on everything since you actually KNOW what you're talking about. so funny about the one who painted on her abs?! haha

Kelly Ann said...

I loved her reaction to winning, honestly a pricless moment!

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