Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

Earlier last month, I had the privilege of participating in a super fun Twitter party hosted by the fabulous Stephanie and Becka.

**By the way, have you entered Stephanie's giveaway yet? I have something up for grabs. Hurry now before it's too late!**

Becka is the owner of a beautiful little boutique down in Texas called Kiki La'Rue.

A little about Kiki La'Rue

"We are a fashion forward boutique specializing in designer clothing and accessories at an affordable price for today's fashionistas on a budget. When you shop with us you will be treated like the queen that you are! Come let us increase your wardrobe without increasing your debt!!"

Follow Kiki La'Rue around the web!

Now, on to my goods! :)

I was the Grand Prize winner of a super fun Twitter party and I was STOKED when my package came in!

LOVED the pink package :) 
Taken by Me with an iPhone4

I was so anxious for this package to come in - I never win anything!!

Here is what was inside!

From L to R: Moroccan Bangles, Kiki La'Rue Koozie, Rory Infinity Scarf
Taken by Me with an iPhone 4.

Boy, wasn't I one lucky girl? I haven't had a chance to showcase the scarf yet, but don't worry those pictures will be coming :) 

Thank you SO much Stephanie and Becka for hosting such a fantastic Twitter party. I hope you will continue with that! If I lived in Texas, my bank account would be hating my shopping problem right now!

If you haven't already - definitely go check out Becka's shop Kiki La'Rue. She has everything from accessories to outerwear. Her boutique is SO cute and affordable! Plus, it's nice to wear something not EVERY girl has from the usual chain stores. 

**Disclaimer: One Haole Girl received NO compensation for this post. All products were sent to One Haole Girl for free of charge per Shop Kiki La'Rue owner.**
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Jess Casey said...

Ugh their packaging alone just gets me excited!

Nessa @ Isle Style Living said...

I love Kiki La'Rue!

Just bought not one, but TWO necklaces from them last week that were over 50% off. So excited =)