Friday, December 14, 2012

Maybe Tiny Angels are the Best Kind.

We all know of the tragedy that happened just this morning in Newton, CT.

What a devastation. I keep telling myself that God has a plan for everyone and He needed those beautiful children in His Kingdom more than we did here on Earth.

I came across a status today while scrolling through my Facebook feed..

What do you think about it?

I know a lot of my readers are Christians, but I also know a lot of you are Agnostic or even Atheist and that's ok.

But here is my take. I think she has a point. Our country was built with the faith in The Lord, and since the beginning we have always included Him in our Pledge of Allegiance.

“It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.” -Psalm 118:8

Now a days are different.

Moving on..

While on this subject, I'm switching to the subject of gun control. Sorry guys - but banning guns will NOT solve this issue. Like it has been said time and time again.. Guns don't kill people, PEOPLE kill people.

What can we do to better the issue of SCHOOL massacres? Raise the security. Teach the educators the importance of knowing how to handle a fire-arm. Know the safety precautions. Invent more "codes".

Schools are easy targets - guns are not allowed so odds are, if you feel like walking in and shooting up a cafeteria or what not, there won't be any guns to play defense  Now, I'm NOT saying we should start installing guns into our public schools.. I'm simply stating the reasoning someone might think they could get away with it.

I know my opinions don't matter to the bigger picture, I am so just so saddened by this awful disaster that occurred today.

“Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord!” -Psalm 31:24

Another thing I'm not understanding. The way our media is turning this into a political battle. Stop interviewing CHILDREN. Stop blaming the Republicans or Democrats. Stop blaming mental illness. This is the time our country should come together and unite against evil. One Nation. Under God.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected in any way by this incident.

On a happier note..

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10 Downing Chic said...

This was such a horrific event that happened today, and the only thing that can set peoples hearts and minds at rest, is that the men,women and children that were taken will be with God.
However, as much as I agree that banning guns will not completely solve the issue, I don`t believe you can give people that much trust. You can argue that if their going to do it, they will, it will at least set a barrier that isnt set at the moment, that these evil people have to pass. Perhaps if they had these restrictions these instances wouldn`t become as common as it has during the past few years.

Thoughts and prayers go to everyone involved - God Bless!

The Cantrell's said...

Wow. You literally took the thoughts out of my head and wrote them in this post. I literally feel numb. I hardly even worked today because all I could do was watch the news and pray, pray, pray. I agree with what that tweet says about taking God out of the schools. Our country was founded on Christian principles and while I respect others who do not share the same beliefs, I do believe the further we get away from our founding principles, the worse our country will be.

Ryan and I were debating tonight on gun control. Personally, I've been raised around guns my entire life because all the men in my family hunt. Plus, when you live in the south, that's just the way it is. Does it mean they are going to go on a shooting rampage? No. I don't believe in taking guns away, but I do believe there should ALWAYS be background checks. I also think certain guns should be banned because the public has no business carrying military grade weapons.

Kindra said...

Well said.

10 Downing Chic said...

I just wanted to add that I do understand that guns do have a place in certain walks of life, but I dont believe that you should be able to walk into a Walmart and buy a gun or even a store specifically for guns. There cannot be leniency when dealing with weapons that could potentially harm someone.

Just wanted to add that.

Nessa @ Isle Style Living said...

I agree.

I had a long eloquent (ok, maybe not THAT eloquent) comment but the words don't seem to suffice in light of all that has happened today.

So, yeah... I agree.

Paige said...

I don't think it's necessarily blaming mental illness. I just think that mental illness has such a stigma attached. I haven't heard for sure if the shooter was mentally ill, but if he was, then there medications that could have helped him. Many times, mentally ill people are not medicated due to the stigma that is attached but truthfully, a mental illness diagnosis is just like a heart failure diagnosis. You take medicine and you can live a normal lifestyle.

Too many times I've seen tragedies due to mental illness and it could all be prevented if the person with the mental illness was treated, either pharmacologically or not.

Sabz said...

i haven't put too much thought into it all yet, i have just.been.sad. && hugged the crap outta my kids today.
btw, new follower, hope you'll follow back :)

Erinn C.D. said...

To me, she does not have a point at all. You can't value out mental illness.And we should blame ourselves for this because we took God out of schools? There were a lot of terrible things going on when God was still in schools. In my opinion, that's an easy answer to a problem that has no answer.

Things have changed and if people want to teach kids religious values, send them to a religious school. Or parents can just teach those things themselves. This country may have built partially on religion but it was also built on recognizing that religion has no place in State and Government affairs. The seperation of Church and State was brought into exsistence for a reason (since England used and absued religion in the running of their government for centuries) and shootings shouldn't change that.

I come across sounding like a bitch and I'm sorry for that. This whole thing is just absolutely terrible but I just have a huge problem with using God as an answer. Either the answer to fix us all or the answer to why bad things happen. I can just imagine what f-ed up reason WBC is coming up with now as to why those kids are dead and they do that in the name of God. It makes me sick. I know religion is the reason why a lot of people do a lot of good in this world too so I don't think it's all bad or religious people are bad (my husband is catholic). I just know that 20 kids and 7 adults are dead and there is nothing that will ever make that reality make sense to me.

About gun control...I come from a gun loving place so I have a lot of conflicting thoughts. I know that we have second amendment rights but in a lot of states, there are more tests and regulations on owning a car then a gun. To me, something is wrong there.

rebeckann said...

I agree wholeheartedly with EVERY word of this post.

Lindsay said...

Erinn, I agree with your post entirely.

Tarole, I'm going to be honest with you here. I toyed with not saying anything at all, but it's on my heart. See, I come from a predominately Jewish area. I have lost count of all of the years growing up there were NO children in my (public school) classes who celebrated Christmas. None! As for me, my family is blended. My mother is Jewish, and my father is Catholic. I am an Atheist. I don't have a single family member who is solely Catholic, without having a blended family. I'll admit, it's hard being a blogger sometimes and feeling like I'm in some kind of crazy minority because the world I know is SO different from the world so many others know outside of Boca Raton.

What I do know, is I'm an atheist and I have been for as long as I can remember. What I also know is I'm 26 years old, have never had a drop of alcohol or smoked a cigarette or done a drug. I was a virgin until my wedding day (TMI, I know, I'm just trying to get my point across). I've never said the "F" word. Everyone laughs at me for being a big goodie-two-shoes and I am. I am a good person. I give to all homeless people I encounter, even if I only have change. I donate my time to charity when I have no money to donate. What I do know is that my mother -- and all of my Jewish relatives -- are good people. They give everything they have to those in need. This is all I've known my whole life.

And I know that it hurts my heart so deeply to read some posts about this from people saying we need God back in schools, that people need to find Jesus as their savior so this doesn't happen -- and it hurts. Because my loved ones -- those I love most in this world -- they wouldn't do something like this. They are the ones helping to make the pain of these families lighter. (Today my family and I sent a box of teddy bears to the children at the school.)

I am kind. I am a good person. So are my relatives -- and that's regardless of whether or not we view Jesus as a savior (we don't) or believe in God (we don't -- most of us, anyway). It hurts to read things that put the focus and blame on people like ME rather than the actual murderer. Does that make sense?

Anyway, Tarole, I do adore you and your blog and I really, really hope you don't take any of this against me or view it as mean because I'm not trying to be! I'm just trying to point out that not all people need a certain religion to be GOOD. My parents taught me to be good, and I will teach my son to be good. My son is only 17 months old. This holiday season? We've delivered homemade tins of cookies to our favorite baristas, to the homeless in a busy area of town, to our favorite clerks at our favorite stores, to the attendants at my parent's guard gate, to the garbage men and even to our favorite waitress at our favorite restaurant (thanks to your post about remembering waitresses are people). We do a lot of good. We have a lot of love. If you needed something, I'd hope you'd ask me to help make it happen for you. But I don't share your religious views, and I do not feel comfortable with my son being pressured to believe OTHER people's religious views...and I don't believe he needs them to be a good person. Sure, I will teach him about ALL religions if he so wishes to learn them -- after all, my parents even made me celebrate Diwali and Kwanzaa to understand other people's cultures! -- and if he believes your religious beliefs, cool! I respect that. I respect yours. I respect everybody.

But I would also appreciate the same respect that I'm not going to harm anyone, not even a bug (literally), and the fact that I don't wish to accept your religious beliefs as my own.

All said with love, from my heart to yours. :)

Mrs. Landrum said...

I just wanted to say I really appreciated both yours and Erinn's posts, Lindsay.

Also, Tarole -- and I don't want to come across as nitpicking here or anything, because I'm definitely not -- but I'm just not quite sure what you meant by us including God in the Pledge since "the beginning"? I thought the phrase itself wasn't actually added until around 1954 or so.

Ashley McCardia said...

I love you mucho Tarole doll. I love that you aren't afraid to voice your opinion when you know that the majority will disagree! :) xoxo