Monday, December 3, 2012

At Home with The Hinkleys {giveaway}

Hello all,

I am Natalie from At Home with the Hinkleys and I am so excited to be guest posting today! 

A little about myself and my little blog:

The Hinkleys

As I said before, I am Natalie, and to my right there is Aaron, my husband of almost 1 year in January.  I am a 30 year old accountant, Aaron is a 31 year old student getting his PhD in Philosophy if he will ever get his dissertation finished...  We live in Houston, TX.  We are total goofballs.  I write about our life, and general talking points from subjects I find interesting or humorous.  We (I) hope you get a chance to pop by and say hi!

So we all know Tarole and her blog are fantastic, and I especially love her Saturday Style posts!  They have inspired me to put together some polyvore boards for the outfit I certainly love shopping for:  

The Office Christmas Party!

Blue is one of my favorite colors, and I love the pops of it with this ultra cute gold dress!

I enjoy this outfit and the pops of pink.  Just because it is winter, doesn't mean you can't have a little brightness.  At least that is what the Gap is telling me!

Nothing says Christmas like a red dress! 

*You can view more from my dream closet here*

I hope you all enjoyed some of my picks for the office party!  As a little Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all you wonderful Island Livin' with One Haole Girl readers, I'm giving away $30 bucks to H&M, to help you get started with your office party look:

Thanks for reading!

You can read more from Natalie at:
or she tweets (mostly about TLC's Sisterwives) at

LOVING those styles girlfriend! Aren't those looks great?! Thank you so much Natalie for taking the time to come up with these awesome styles and for the amazing gift card you are giving away!

Now hurry up and go enter the giveaway (wish I could) you only have THREE DAYS!

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Kimberly H said...

These outfits are SO my style! I definitely love pairing neutrals with pops of color, and that gold dress is fabulous! Looking forward to following you, Natalie :)

Jessica G said...

I think I'd like to have all of those outfits :) Guess I have some great ideas for my Wish List!

Jennifer said...

I love these outfits! Totally cute.

Allie @ Tales of a TwentySomething said...

I would probably buy some accessories! We have an H&M here, but I've only been once :)

A. said...

I'd buy something for my legal externship next semester (probably a skirt or jewelry).

Lauren said...

I would buy some accessories or maybe a dress!

TheTinyHeart said...

I'd get a faux fur vest!

The Tiny Heart

Dani said...

I would buy some cute accessories!

The Cantrell's said...

I'm LOVING these outfits!

Kelsey Eaton said...

A whole bunch of cute new tops. My wardrobe is ancient!

Jennifer @ Busy Being Jennifer said...

I could really use some cute tops :) But pretty much anything other than sweats would be an improvement! LOL

JennaDK said...
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JennaDK said...

Lets see if I can post a comment right this time! haha!

I need lots of new cute tops to go on a hot date with my man! it helps that H&M just opened at one of our malls!

The Vintage Modern Wife said...

i'd definitely buy a couple cute tops!

Alaine88 said...

I'd buy new jeans :)
rafflecopter: alaineelise

Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

a cute christmas party outfit! dying for one right now:)

Chelsea Lennox said...

I'd buy a dress!

Tiffany H. said...

I need cute tops!

Sarah Kil said...

H&M has THE cutest tops! So maybe 1 top and 1 scarf... although it's so hot here in Texas I don't need one :( Okay 2 tops

SarahJane Miller said...

I would buy lots of new accessories :)