Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

It's Thursday people! 

Heading to the North Shore today with the boys. While they are getting ready, I'm linking up again with Neely and Amber for It's Ok Thursday.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

...for my main objective on the North Shore today is to stalk The Hunger Games crew so I can get some pics of the Girl on Fire! shop for myself while shopping for everyone else's Christmas presents.

...that I am impatiently waiting my Starbucks Gold Member Card. have breakfast in bed two mornings in a row. lounge on the beach all day long on the second to last day in November. splurge on a BOGO free deal on Ray Bans. have breakfast once a week with the ladies including mimosas and mai tais. drink wine/beer every night. already be done with my Christmas Cards be way behind already on Christmas gift shopping for my huge family. post this picture so you can see where I'll be all day :)

North Shore - Winter 2011
Taken by Me with a Nikon Cool Pix L120

Wish me luck on my star stalking!!


Meagan P said...

I would stalk them through Siberia, enjoy paradise while you're at it! haha I'll be holding down the fort here in AR just in case they make a detour.

Nikki said...

There are people who don't drink every night? Isn't that what dinner is for? ;)

Nicholl Vincent said...

I'm done with my christmas cards too!


love & cheer from :)

Jess Casey said...

I totally shop for myself while everyone else shops for Xmas present lol!